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I've had the opportunity to guest on some incredible podcasts and showcase my passion, knowledge and beliefs about intuitive eating, nutrition and our bodies. I highly recommend you tune into some of the below episodes to gain some amazing insight and value from me and some incredible hosts!

Krista's Podcast Appearances

Beyond Intuitive Eating

Beth Basham

Breaking down myths- Anti-diet doesn't equal anti-weight loss with Krista Muench

Tune in to hear more about:

  • The myths around dieting, intuitive eating and weight loss

  • The damage caused by diet culture 

  • Importance of focusing on healthy behaviours over a number on the scale

Beth B podcast.png

Find your Strong Podcast

Christine Chessman

Fueling your strength with non-diet dietitian Krista Beck Muench

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How we start to "un-diet" our lives

  • Rejecting the diet mindset

  • How we can make peace with our changing bodies

  • The dangers of weight cycling

Food & Life Freedom Podcast

Emma Townsin

How to reject the diet mentality for good with Krista Beck

Tune in to hear more about the first principle of intuitive eating "rejecting the diet mentality"

  • Why we feel stuck dieting

  • How to spot sneaky "not a diet"diets

  • First steps you can take to move away from dieting and become an intuitive eater

125 - Getting Started with Intuitive Eating with Krista Beck copy.png

Thrive Beyond Size Podcast

Michelle Tubman

Getting Started with Intuitive Eating with Krista Beck 

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How intuitive eating changed my relationship with food

  • How the intuitive eating approach is different than a diet

  • And more!

The Power in Motion Podcast

Kim Hagle

Debunking Myths of Pseudo Dieting with Krista Beck

Tune in to hear more about:

  • What is pseudo-dieting?

  • The motivations behind these habits

  • The sneaky forms pseudo-diets take and the harms

  • More things intuitive eating 

Fall in Love with Fitness 

Sherry Sheban

Breaking Free from the Diet Mentality: The Power of Intuitive Eating

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How societal pressures and the desire to shrink my body led to a career in nutrition

  • My passion for helping others overcome dieting and disordered eating

  • Honouring your health with gentle nutrition

  • Separating weight from health

Beyond the Mirror Podcast

Jonny Landels

Krista Beck: Overcoming Fear of Weight Gain & Escaping Disordered Eating

Tune in to hear more about my journey from dieter, to intuitive eater and diet culture dropout, and finally to an intuitive eating dietitian.

The Daily Dietitian Podcast

Stacy Mitchell

Breaking Free: Intuitive Eating as the Antidote to Diet Culture [feat. @dietitian.krista]

Tune in to hear more about:

  • The common myths about intuitive eating

  • Why diets do more harm than good

  • Why intuitive eating is the pot of gold when it comes to finally trusting yourself with food, overcoming overeating and taking the steps to a healthier body image

  • The first step to start intuitive eating 

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