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About me

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Hi, I'm Krista, I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor from northern Manitoba. I understand how difficult it is being in a constant battle with food and your body. I've been there, from counting macros, to limiting my carb and calorie intake, and a few other diets in between. It's not fun, it's not sustainable, and it's NOT healthy. Fortunately, I found the path back to Intuitive Eating early on and I am now able to enjoy all foods, guilt-free, while being the healthiest version of myself. 

I've been studying in the field of nutrition since 2014. I graduated with a BSc. in Human Nutritional Sciences from the University of Manitoba in 2019. Following this I completed a 9- month intensive dietetic internship program and have since been working in the field as a Clinical Dietitian. I have worked with countless individuals with a variety of medical conditions and nutritional issues. Currently, my passion is helping individuals break free from diet culture and improve their relationships with food and their body.

Outside of working as a dietitian, I enjoy spending my time with family, friends, and my dog Harley. I love the lakes and outdoors. In the warmer months you can find me lounging on the pontoon boat, going for a swim, riding my bike, fishing or working on my acro-yoga. In the colder months I'm often out searching for new snow-shoe trails or hiding indoors and watching a new series on Netflix.

I believe ALL foods fit, we are all experts of our own bodies and are born with the innate ability to decide when and how much to eat based on internal cues. As a result of diet culture, women have lost the ability to trust and respect their bodies. My goal is to help you regain your body autonomy. 

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